Review: Ultra portable Joby GripTight Gorillapod

The Joby Griptight Gorillapod are actually two things: It's a Joby Gorillapod with a Griptight Smartphone mount.

If you have been photographing for a while, chances are good that you've heard about the Gorillapod. It's a tripod wit flexible legs that you can wrap around things like a handrail, a branch and a lot of other things.

The Griptight is a tripod mount developed by Joby, the company that sells the Gorillapod, specially made for smartphones. It's like a quick mount for smartphones. 


The main reason I love the GripTight mount is that it allows me to mount my iPhone to a tripod fast. I don't need a special case to use it and I don't need to remove a case I use from my iPhone to mount it to the tripod. The GripTight mount works with many different cases ranging from  a simple and thin Apple Case to the thicker Moment Case I use to mount the moment lenses.

Mounting an iPhone to a tripod using a Joby GripTight Mount.

And the Griptight does what the name suggests: It really grips your iPhone tight!

Best of all, it works with all tripods that have a standard 1/4-20" screw like the AmazonBasics Travel Tripod that I use and many others, too.

When you buy the Griptight mount alone (without the Gorillapod) be sure to buy the correct size for your phone.

  Two different sizes of the Joby GripTight iPhone tripod mount

Two different sizes of the Joby GripTight iPhone tripod mount

Joby sells two different sizes depending if you're using a small iPhone or the bigger plus size iPhone. For the normal iPhone 5 and 6 models you need the small Griptight Mount (labelled as JB01254). For the iPhone 6 and 6S plus models, you will need the XL version (labelled as JB01323)

And a personal note: Those GripTight Mounts are rather small and I've already lost a few of them in the field so I always order a pack of three :) If you find one near Hraunfossar in Iceland, that's probably mine :)