Why iPhone Photography?


I love to travel light. That's why I ditched my DSLR for an iphone to photograph on my travels

One day on a trip to Las Vegas in 2012 I decided to leave my heavy backpack with the DSLR and lenses in the hotel room and photographed only with my iPhone.

I loved it. Not only was I positively surprised by the quality of the photos, but I didn't feel like a pack mule any more. No heavy and cumbersome bag to carry around. 

Back home, I looked for some photo editing apps that would enable me to edit my photos in similar ways I edited them on my notebook. It took me a few weeks and a few bucks to find those apps. A few more weeks later, I had set up my iPhone only photo workflow.

And I sold my DSLR.

Since then, I visited over a dozen countries and cities and photographed hundreds of city- and landscapes as well as abandoned places.


I turned to iphone photography because I love to travel light. thus i only use a handful of apps and little gear for my iphone photography

I've tried dozens of different photo apps from the App Store. But I love to travel light when it comes to apps and gear, too.

So I limit myself to a handful of iPhone camera and photo editing apps.


read reviews about the iphone photo apps and gear I use and tutorials about how I use them


I mainly roam around in europe hiking in pristine landscapes, going SIGHTSEEING in cities big and small by foot and EXPLORING abandoned places and buildings.

Europe is full of fantastic places. Be it the ancient remains in Rome, the stunning landscapes in the alpine region or the abandoned buildings in the former GDR. Starting from my hometown Vienna in the heart of Europe, I strive to visit as many different places in Europe as possible.

In my photo blog, I write about well and not so well known picturesque places in both urban and rural areas and let you know how i photographed them and edited the photos using an iPhone only.


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