Travel iPhone Photography

I love to travel light. So I sold my DSLR and now use only an iPhone to photograph during my travels and to edit and share my travel photos on the go. See  how.



There are so many stunning places to see and to explore. I roam around mainly in Europe and love to photograph landscapes, cityscapes and abandoned places. Check out my blog for some places I've traveled to. See how I photographed those places using only an iPhone and which iPhone photo apps and accessories I used.


I love to travel light when it comes to apps and iPhone photo accessories, too. I only use a handful of apps and very little and lightweight gear for all of my iPhone photography. In my blog I write reviews about the few apps I use, how I use them and which lightweight iPhone photo accessories I carry for my travel iPhone photography. 

I’ve been looking for a new camera (DSLR) recently as well but, with having a iPhone 6 now, and having repeatedly gone over “Squics” I’m just gonna pass on the $1500.00 camera and learn the phone.
— Ben from Wisconsin via eMail