iPhone Photography

I love to travel light. So I use an iPhone only to photograph on my travels, to edit, manage and share my travel photos on the go.


Why iPhone Photography?

I love to travel light. During a trip to Las Vegas in 2012 I got tired carrying the heavy backpack with the DSLR and lenses, left it in the hotel room and photographed with my iPhone. I was positively surprised by the quality of the iPhone photos. A few weeks later I discovered apps that enabled me to edit photos on my iPhone just like I did on my notebook. A few more weeks and I had found my iPhone only photography workflow and sold my DSLR.


iPhone photo blog

There are so many stunning places to see and to explore. I roam around mainly in Europe to photograph landscapes, cityscapes and abandoned places. Check out my blog and read about the photo spots I've been to and how I photographed them with my iPhone only.


iPhone photography by topic

I turned to iPhone only photography because I love to travel light. Thus I also use only a handful of apps and gear to shoot, edit, manage and share my photos right with iPhone. Check the reviews of the gear I use and learn how I shoot and process my photos.


What other say

I’ve been looking for a new camera (DSLR) recently as well but, with having a iPhone 6 now, and having repeatedly gone over “Squics” I’m just gonna pass on the $1500.00 camera and learn the phone.
— Ben from Wisconsin via eMail

a big thank you for featuring my iphone photos

Over the years my iPhone photography work was featured by a number of publications and web-sites. A big huge "thank you" for that goes to: