How I travel light

I turned to iPhone photography because I prefer to travel light. Here's a list of those things I use daily and when traveling that help me to travel light.


Everyday Carry

This is the stuff I carry with me each single day no matter if I'm traveling or not. I tried many alternatives but those items are the ones I rely on each and every day. If you would have told me that I'll once have a subscription for memo books (Field Notes), eliminate 80% of my plastic cards and other stuff from my wallet, I probably would have called you nuts. But hey, things change. 


Field Notes dot-graph memo books

Though I'm one of those "everything digital guys", this is one of the few exceptions. I learned during my trips that there's always a need for a piece of paper to take some notes or even leave a message for someone. I've even purchased a Field Notes subscription so I get some new packs 4 times a year.

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Fisher Space Pen with capacitive stylus

The perfect pen for me! It's small and expands to a full size pen if you put the cap on the back. It's pressurised cartridge allows you to write at all angles and even upside down. I actually have two of them, one that I have in my jacket and one for my Belroy Notebook Cover Mini.

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Bellory Card Sleeve Wallet

This (my wallet) was the first thing I started to slim down. I ditched all the unnecessary cards (loyalty!) and other stuff that made my wallet so big. The remaining 8 cards (credit card, drivers license, id card, etc.) perfectly fit into this wallet including some emergency cash.

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Bellroy Notebook Cover

The perfect cover for my Field Notes note books and for traveling. The cover holds up to 4 additional travel related cards like an emergency credit card or frequent flyer card and my European passport. The cover does not come with a pen. I clip my second Fisher Space Pen to it.

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Whenever possible, I try to avoid a suitcase. By using those two backpacks, I'm perfectly equipped for a multi day trip to any major city or the country side. The Osprey Farpoint 40 is my travel backpack I use when going from A to B and the Gonex 35L foldable daypack is my, well daypack, roaming around at location "B".


Osprey Farpoint 40

This one is my travel backpack and I've been searching for one like this for ages. First, it complies to EU carry on luggage dimensions and second I can carry it as a backpack and as a bag with shoulder wrist. Packing for a week of spring/summer/autumn vacation? No problem!

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Gonex 35L foldable day-pack

I love this one! It's foldable (and thus fits perfectly into my Osprey Farpoint) and ultra light. I take this one as a day pack on all of my trips or when I go on  a one day hiking tour. Holds my tripod, a jacket, small drone, a few bottles of water and a second pair of shoes (sneakers).

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