iPhone camera and photo editing apps I use

"Which apps do you use" is one of the most frequent questions I get on FacebookTwitter and even Instagram. I guess the "which app do you use" is the new "which camera do you use", isn't it?

So, by popular demand, here are the iPhone camera and iPhone photo editing apps I use

iPhone Camera Apps

The built-in iOS camera app is a great camera app to start. It has manual exposure control, HDR, burst mode, exposure lock and live photos. But there are situations like low light photography or taking long exposures for which I use third party apps as they produce way better results.


iOS Camera

The iPhone Camera App is a great app to start with. It works great for many settings. It has exposure control, HDR and a burst mode. Once you reach your limits like photographing at night, taking long exposures or HDR, turn to one of the other camera apps on this page.

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I turn to ProCamera whenever I need to shoot in low light situations, when I want to shoot photos in RAW format or whenever I need to adjust ISO or shutter speed manually.

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Slow Shutter Cam

Whenever I need to shoot a long exposure to capture motion like a waterfall or a vehicle passing by, I turn to Slow Shutter Cam. Excellent results in good light situations.

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For daylight or indoor HDR or whenever I want to shoot photos up to 32 megapixels with my iPhone I turn to Hydra Camera app for any static scene without any kind of motion in it.

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iPhone photo editing apps

Those are the iPhone photo editing tools I use on a daily basis, sorted from the one I most frequently use (Adobe Lightroom Mobile) down to the ones I use occasionally. I ran each photo you see on my Instagram, Flickr or Facebook through one or more of those apps.


Adobe Lightoom Mobile

My choice for developing RAW photos on iOS 10 and the iPhone7. Supports local adjustments and a wide range of adjustments.

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Enlight Photofox

Version 2 of the swisss army knife of iPhone photo editing. Supports brushes, layers and masks, adjustments as well as basic retouching

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By far the best app I've found so far for fixing perspective distortions on an iPhone. Unlike others, this keeps your resolution intact.

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iOS Photos App

The built in iOS photos app has some great editing capabilities like lightening up the shadows or darkening the highlights, improve brilliance, adjust contrast and saturation and many more.

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I use this app whenever I need to replace the background of a photo, e.g. a boring blue sky with a more dramatic sky with lots of clouds.

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Great retouching tools and supports layers on the iPhone and iPad. A great app to e.g. remove stuff from your shots.

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