Recommended iPhone Photo Apps

4 iPhone camera apps and 4 iPhone photo editing apps I use

"Which apps do you use" is one of the most frequent questions I get on FacebookTwitter and even Instagram. I guess the "which app do you use" is the new "which camera do you use", isn't it?

The iPhone camera and photos app is a great app to start with. It comes with a lot of options that help you to take great photos. But there are situations where those functions are simply not sufficient any more.

Since I ditched my big camera and turned to iPhone photography I have tried dozens of different iPhone photo apps for shooting and editing. I was looking to find apps that enable me to do things I could previously did with my DSLR and my notebook like taking long exposures or work with masks and layers.

If you've read my blog you know that I love to travel light and this was the reason I replaced my big camera with an iPhone to photograph. I love to travel light when it comes to apps, too. After buying, trying and uninstalling lots of iPhone camera and editing apps, I finally found and settled for 4+4 apps. The first fantastic four are the four iPhone camera apps I use. The second group contains the iPhone photo editing apps I rely on.

I use each of the apps for a specific purpose like shooting at night or taking long exposures, digitally developing RAW photos or working with masks.

Here they are:


iPhone Camera App

The iPhone Camera App is a great app to start with and I use quite often. It has manual exposure control and it takes photos in HDR if needed. It can take horizontal or vertical panoramas and comes with a self timer and can use the optical 2x zoom if you have an iPhone 7plus. 


Additional recommended iPhone Camera Apps

But the built in iPhone camera app has some limitations. It can't take long exposures from e.g. waterfalls and low light photos tend to come out noisy and it's limited to 12 megapixel from the camera sensor. There are apps that help me to overcome those limitations; yes, even the 12 megapixels.


iOS Photo App

If you're looking for a great photo editing app, you may already have it. iOS Photos app allows you to adjust brilliance, exposure, highlights & shadows, brightness contrast, black point, saturation, colour contrast and hue. Even more, you can convert photos to black and white.


Additional iPhone Photo Editing Apps