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Hi, I'm Chris and I'm helping explorers, travelers and tourists to take better photos of landscapes, cityscapes and abanboned places with their iPhones.

Lady Liberty | New York, United States

Why iPhone Photography?

One day during a trip to Las Vegas in 2012 my heavy DSLR equipment had to stay in the hotel room. That day, I used only my iPhone to photograph. Amazed by the results I continued to use the iPhone and sold my DSLR gear a few months later. Since then I travel light and use only my iPhone to photograph, manage, edit and share my travel photos on the go. 

Learn how

I love to travel light and I use that approach for my iPhone photo gear, too. See the iPhone camera and photo editing apps and the iPhone photo accessories I use for my travel photography and learn how I use them.



See which apps I use to shoot and edit photos on iPhone & iPad


Check out iPhone tripods, lenses, battery packs & other stuff


Learn how I shot and edit travel photos with iPhone only

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With my iPhone I mainly photograph land- and cityscape as well as abandoned places. Check out my iPhone photography blog for European photo spots and see which iPhone photo apps and gear I used to take those shots.


Waterfall in Berlin | Berlin, Germany

"One Shot per Spot" iPhone Photo Gallery

I share all my photos on Social Media. Find me on Instagram for a daily iPhone travel photo, on flickr for a curated selection of my favorite shots or on Facebook where I share iPhone Photo tips & tricks. Or check my showcase gallery containing photos I took during my travels. One iPhone photo per country.


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How about a unique print for you or or a friend? I'm offering a curated and limited selection of prints via pixels.com. Some are limited to 25 pieces and you won't find those in any store. 


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Add a unique flavour to your home with  home decor. Includes throw pillows, hand towels and tote bags.


Unique iPhone Cases

Get yourself or a friend a unique iPhone case that you won't find in any store anywhere else in the world.


decorative Wall Art

A curated selection of my photos is available as wall art canvas prints, framed prints and even wood prints.

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