I'm Chris Feichtner and I live in Vienna. This is my private site and it's mainly about mobile photography. Moreover, I have other interests like genealogy or finding ways to replace a laptop with a tablet and smartphone. I wrote about that on different sites and I consolidated everything here. 

You probably noticed it, but English is not my native language; still I carefully write everything here myself and give you my opinion, write about learnings and how I handle things in a "mobile only" world. If we ever meet, you'll see that I use exactly the tools and workflows I write about.

I shot all photos on this site myself. Older photos in my photo blog are from my compact, DSLR and mirror-less era. I originally edited them with various software on a Mac. When I decided to make the switch to iPhone photography, I re-edited many of those shots to learn post-processing with an iPhone or an iPad. I constantly re-process some photos and update them. I mention major changes in the post processing workflow in the blog post.

Nobody pays me to run this site or to write about the stuff that I use. Sometimes I'm asked to have a look at new apps or to help beta testing them, which I happily do; but this doesn't mean I'll use this app regularly or write about it. I only write about the stuff I've done myself, how I've done it and the tools I used. I don't write "10 photo apps you need" lists. 

I use affiliate links to link apps or gear I use to stores where you can buy them. Whenever you buy something via a link from the linked website, I get a small share of the sale, but it doesn't cost you a cent more. 

I’m annoyed if a web-site doesn’t clearly say if a link leads to an external sites. That's why I try to be clear about that on my site. External links in the blog are in square brackets and/or are labeled (e.g. iTunes App Store) so you know where a click will take you. All other links lead to another page on my site.

You probably came to this site to see how I'm handling iPhone photography, digital genealogy or to learn about my mobile only workflows. I happily share that with you and give you my honest opinion about the tools I use. 

Thank you for listening and if you have an concerns, do not hesitate to contact me.