The Office Sky Scraper

The Office Skyscraper; (cc) by-nc-nd

This is a post from the time when I stll used a DSLR and an iPhone in parallel. I keep the post online for nostalgic purposes.

This office skyscraper is one of my first square cropped photos. After I started to use Hipstamatic and Instagram on the iPhone, I somehow fell in love with the square photo format. The square photo format is even, balanced and simple; it leaves interpretation of height or width entirely to the viewer.

For me, the square photo format also eases photo composition; e.g. I can work with empty space without creating the impression that I missed the main subject o the photo. I also think that black and white photos look better using a square crop.

The square photo format also gives me a lot of possibilities how to arrange prints on the wall.

I'm also a fan of clouds. They add mood to a photo. Clouds drifting by add a touch of durability and strength. The sky was completely clear when I took this photo, so I added clouds from another photo and used a motion blur effect in Photoshop Touch (which has been discontinued in 2015)