Waiting one more minute: The North Cape Statue

 The North Cape Statue; (cc) by-nc-nd squics.com

The North Cape Statue; (cc) by-nc-nd squics.com

This is a post from the era when I still used a DSLR. I keep the post online for nostalgic purposes.

I took this photo during one of my most spectacular trips. It's the North Cape Statue in Norway. I took it at noon during the Polar Night and It's a good example why waiting some extra minutes pays off; even when it's for for 30 minutes at -20 degrees celsius.

I waited for all other travellers to take their photos; after they went to the warm cantina, I had enough time to get this photo. In Norway I learned one important thing about photographing in extreme weather situations; bring some extra battery packs. At -20 degrees, my battery packs drained extremely fast.

After I had cropped the photo, it had only three megapixels. I increased the photo to 4 megapixels with Perfect Resize [Homepage Link]. It does a pretty good job enlarging photos without sacrificing too much detail. Perfect Resize is part of the Perfect Photo Suite [Homepage Link].

Perfect Resize works well with photos from smartphones.