Setagaya park is a beautiful Japanese Garden in in Vienna

Vienna has hundreds of thousands of square feet of beautiful and public parks. You'll find several in each of the 23 districts in Vienna.

One of the lesser known parks is the Setagayapark. It's a beautiful Japanese style park in the 19th district of Vienna. 

The park was designed and created to demonstrate the friendship and city partnership between Vienna and the district Setagaya in Tokio.

Long Exposure of the small waterfall at the Setagaya Park in Vienna; (cc) by-nc

The photo shows the small waterfall that's near a Japanese style bridge across the small artificial lake.

I took it when I began to explore the possibilities of iPhone photography. I used Slow Shutter Cam App and Muku Shuttr on the iPhone. The iPhone was mounted to a Joby Gorillapod.