Review: The Moment Case for iPhone with Shutter Release

The Moment case is a protective case for iPhone 6, 6+. 6S and 6S+ designed and made for iPhone photographers. I got mine just in time for my trip to Bucharest and used it there during my walk through the city and while I explored the old ammunition factory.

Just like the Moment lenses, the case was introduced on Kickstarter, and I backed it after I read about it and saw the video. The Moment case is THE iPhone case I've been waiting for. It makes photographing with the iPhone easier. Here's my review.

The Moment Case Look & Feel

It's made of a material that gives you an excellent grip of your phone, even in difficult shooting situations. The right side of the case, where the shutter release is, is a little thicker and allows you to conveniently hold and shoot with your iPhone single handed. Additionally, you can mount either a wrist or a neck strap to the case to make sure you don't accidentally drop your precious iPhone. I ordered a simple wrist strap from Amazon. I didn't like neck straps back in my DSLR era.

I think it's an oversight from iPhone case manufacturers that only a few (if any, I didn't find one) offer a case with at last a wrist strap.

Moment Case machined aluminium bar to attach a wrist or neck strap

Moment Case machined aluminium bar to attach a wrist or neck strap

You can get the case of either an iPhone 6/6S or the 6+/6S+ and can choose between different finishings. The cheapest version is either  black or comes in black and white. If you want to shell out a little more, order the case with a walnut finishing. It looks more elegant than the black one. Compare all three finishings on the Moment Web Site.

How it works

The Moment case is designed to work with the free Moment Camera App for now, which is an excellent point and shoot app with some specials like self-timer, square and rules of third grid and manual flash control. If you decide to download the app later, be careful: There's a "Moment App" in the App store with a white icon. That's NOT the app I'm talking about. Make sure "Moment, Inc." is shown as the developer.

After You've mounted the case to your phone, connect it via Bluetooth to the phone and the camera app. Once the case and the phone are connected, half-press the shutter to have the Moment App focus and fully press it to shoot. Just like with a real camera. 

Lens connector

The case also has a mount for the Moment Lenses. So far I've tried it only with the Wide and 2x Tele lens with the case and both work flawlessly. Mounting the lenses is easy, and the app somehow realizes when you add a lens and asks you if it's the wide, tele or macro lens and then stores this information in the metadata of the photo. If you view the info (CTRL-I) for the photo you took with the case in Photos App on your Mac, it will say "Moment Wide 18mm".

Moment Camera App asking for type of lens

Moment Camera App asking for type of lens

If you have a mounting plate from the Moment Lenses on your iPhone, you need to remove it. There's a guide on the Moment Website (towards the end of the page) how to remove it. I removed the plate from three iPhones (because I got new ones) so far and could easily remove the mounting plate each time without any residues.

What could be improved

This is the case I've been waiting for! Simple, protective and I can attach a wrist strap to it. I've only one suggestion for the next version: Allow us to use the shutter with other camera apps as it now only works with the Moment Camera App.

Read more about the Moment Case and how it works on the Moment Website or order one right away from the Moment Online Shop.

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