Ravages of Time

I accidentally discovered this ancient castle in Carinthia. I left the highway and took a longer route to my destination. The road led through a few villages and some hills. On one hill, I saw this ruin. Sometimes it pays off to take a detour. The photo shows the remains of the castle “Höhenbergern” that was owned by the noble families “Perger von Höhenperg” and Windischgraetz “. In the 19th Century a renovation was initiated, but it was never completed.

The photo is an HDR from three bracketed shots with a Nikon D7000 [Amazon Link]. I originally created the HDR with the Photomatix Aperture Plugin, but reprocessed it with Photomatix 5, which yielded much better results.

For handheld bracketed shots, Photomatix 5 [Homepage link] offers a deghosting feature, which did an awesome job on this photo.