My photography principles: Shoot more, keep less

Wynn; (cc) by-nc

Wynn; (cc) by-nc

My photo library (without the usual barbecue, pet, etc. photos) contains roughly 20.000 photos. That's not much for 15 years of digital photography.  Such a small photo library has many advantages like low storage requirements and it's easy to backup.

After spending a day shooting, the first thing I do is to sort out and delete roughly 90% of the photos I took. I quickly view each shot and decide if I want to keep it; if not, it goes to the trash right away. 

I use a 50% approach to delete photos. In a first round, I delete 50% of all photos I shot. In a second round, I delete another 50% and then I do one more round where I delete another 50%. That leaves me with approx. 10% (12.5% to be exact) photos.

During my last trip to Las Vegas I shot more than 2000 photos in 5 days and kept only 100 photos. To avoid spending hours sorting out the photos after the trip, I take 10 to 20 minutes each day during a trip to sort out photos and edit some of them. The remaining shots I edit on the ipad during the flight home.

I've curated some more shots of Vegas on a [Pinterest Board]. 

Shoot as much as you like, but do take the time to sort out the not-so-good and bad ones.