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Autumn Mood | Vienna, Austria


iPhone Photography

In 2012 I was tired of carrying a heavy camera bag and DSLR dangling from my neck thru Las Vegas at 55F. Next day, that stuff stayed in the hotel and I used only my iPhone to photograph. I felt literally relieved and it turned out that shooting, editing and managing photos on iPhone is a time saver, too. Read about my experience and learnings in the iPhone photography blog.


Wynn | Las Vegas, United States


I shoot, edit, manage and share my travel photos with iPhone only


iPhone and iPhone photo apps have come a long way: Today I can take great photos with iPhone even at night, fix perspective distortions or remove unwanted objects with just a few apps. Read my reviews of iPhone photo apps I use, my iPhone photo gear  and learn how I use them to create travel photos worth sharing.


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Special: Lost Places shot on iPhone

Exploring a lost place is like walking through a time machine into the past. From the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone to the abandoned immigration hospital on Ellis Island - read about legally accessible lost places I've photographed in my blog.

Bedroom | Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Ukraine


Stuff I use for traveling light and iPhone photography

After I ditched the big camera, traveling light became an attitude to and a mindset for life. Everything I take on a 5-7 day trip has to fit into carry on luggage. So I slimmed down my every day carry, the photo gear I need and limit myself to only a handful of app for iPhone photography and traveling. Traveling light feels so much better.

Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow
— Imogen Cunningham
Collision Prevention | Lossiemouth, Scotland

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