Travel iPhone Photography
Pigeon Swarm at the Atheneum in Bucharest.jpg

iPhone Photography for Travelers

I love to travel light. So I sold my heavy DSLR and lenses and now use only an iPhone to photograph, edit and manage my travel photos on the road.

A Pigeon Swarm at the Atheneum Romanum in Bucharest, Romania.

I waited more than half an hour to get this shot. The huge swarm flew around the building over and over, but either too low or too high. But eventually one of the birds got bored flying the same route again and again and took a different one. Swarm logic kicked in and the rest of the birds followed. When they finally came the way I pictured it, the fast burst mode of the iPhone helped me to get this shot.



I rove all over Europe. Mainly. Sometimes in a crowd at a well known tourist attraction, another time in a rented car enjoying tourist-less, pristine, nature and sometimes I doing strange stuff like exploring a formerly radioactive contaminated area or scrambling around in decayed buildings doing iPhone photography. And that's what I write about in my blog. Enjoy!



You won't find "10 ways to do this or that" in my iPhone photography tutorials. I'm outlining one proven way that works. For me. And maybe for you. I don't spend hours retouching a photo and so I don't do hour long tutorials either. They are about a single process. Right to the point. Think of it as an iPhone photo retouching construction kit.


iPhone apps & gear reviews

Those are all the apps that make the magic happen. A handful of camera and photo editing apps I use for my iPhone photography. I love to "travel light" when it comes to apps, too. So I deleted all the "only-used-once-a-year-and-make-my-photo-from-a-modern-device-look-old" apps and focus on a very small set of apps trying to get the most out of them.