Why iPhone Photography?

I love to travel light. So, after using a DSLR and iPhone in parallel on my travels for two years, I sold the DSLR and now use only the iPhone to document my travels. Instead of a notebook I use a handful of photo apps to manage and edit the photos directly on the iPhone. Often, right on location. No more heavy gear to carry.

Enjoy iPhone photos from places around the world, tutorials and iPhone photo app and gear reviews.


Travel Destinations

I started to use an iPhone as the main camera in 2012 during travels to Paris, Barcelona and Las Vegas. Since then, I've travelled and hiked a dozen places. See photos and iPhoneography tutorials by location:

Photo Techniques

When I ditched the DSLR for shooting and the laptop for photo editing, I looked for ways how to apply photo techniques I used with a DSLR and Mac Software to an iPhone and photo editing apps. Here are some examples and the workflows I use.


iPhone photo editing tutorials

After editing and developing photos on a desktop computer for more than 15 years I stopped using desktop photo editing and management software. With just a handful of apps I was able to recreate my desktop photo editing workflow on the iPhone including HDR, retouching, denoise and adjusting exposure settings.

This image has been rolling around in my head for a while. I want to give a shout out to Chris @squics on Instagram. His image and long exposure ghost train article have been a significant influence in this image even though we adopted different ideas to reach the end result. Thank you Chris.
— Paul "Skip" Brown on skipology.com

Photo Apps

I've tried hundreds of camera and retouching apps from the App Store. I settled for a handful of apps that I use to shoot and edit all my photos. I also travel light when it comes to apps. They fit on a single screen of the iPhone 6 plus.

When I first heard about iPhoneography I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. But then I got to experience Chris during a workshop talking about iPhoneography and its potential and possibilities. His knowledge when it comes down to user friendly apps towards more complicated ones amazed me. Ever since, I use his expertise and advise for my social media channels. The impact was good. Sometimes quick and dirty but still I adjust all my iPhone pictures with Apps and ways Chris has told me.
— Marc Stickler, Nikon Ambassador, Wildlife and Underwater Photography

After shooting concerts and events for 8 years, I focused (pun intended) on travel photography. I love to travel light. After I used a DSLR, then a mirrorless camera in parallel with an iPhone to document my travels, I sold the big cameras and accessoires and made the shift to mobile only photography.

Not only did I ditch the big cameras, but also all editing software on my notebook. I use only the iPhone, an iPad and a handful of apps to shoot, edit and share my photos. The result for me is unparalleled freedom in shooting and editing as well as a new way to experience travelling and travel photography.