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iPhone Photography for Travelers

See how to shot, edit, manage and publish travel photos on the road with an iPhone only, get iPhone photography tips, app and gear reviews.

I roam all over Europe and I love to travel light. So I sold my cumbersome DSLR and use only the iPhone camera and a handful of apps and iPhone photography accessories to document my trips to well known cities, pristine landscapes and occasionally to abandoned and decayed buildings.


Beautiful travel destinations

Learn how take great shots of places of interest using the iPhone camera and little iPhone gear and how to edit your photos right on the iPhone with only a handful of photo editing apps.


iPhone photography tips, apps and gear

See my iPhone photography tips, learn the iPhone photo editing workflows I use, and read reviews of the iPhone photography apps and accessories I use.


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I’ve been looking for a new camera (DSLR) recently as well but, with having a iPhone 6 now, and having repeatedly gone over “Squics” I’m just gonna pass on the $1500.00 camera and learn the phone.
— Ben from Wisconsin via eMail

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